Greater Boston Coordinated Veterans Services

Boston area's first coordinated network of public, private and non-profit organizations
working together to focus on veterans, service members and their families.

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If you are in crisis, please call the VA crisis line: 1-800-273-8255

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Greater Boston Coordinated Veterans Services is here to help you and your family find the assistance and resources you are looking for in and around the city of Boston. Our Network of trusted and dedicated service providers offer a range of services, including: Housing, Education, Employment, Benefits, Spouse & Family Support, Legal and Volunteering.

Enter your information here or visit one of our partner organizations to start the process of connecting with the resources you are eligible for in your community.

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About Us

Massachusetts leads the nation in benefits and services for veterans and their families. This abundance of support can sometimes cause confusion and provide too many options. Our goal is to help military, veterans and their families by matching their needs to the best network provider. As a member of the military, veteran or family member, you only have to state your need and we can do the search for you. If you need assistance from multiple sources, we ensure that your information is safely and securely transmitted to all applicable providers to reduce the repetition of providing the same information over and over again.

Greater Boston Coordinated Veterans Services is a voluntary network of service providers covering a wide range of military, veteran and family services. Our aim is to ease the burden on those seeking assistance while ensuring they never get lost in the referral process.